Mar 28, 2016

Top 10

Most Expensive Running Shoes

Remember going to the mall with your parents and finding something you just had to have? You put on your puppy eyes and begged, “Please, please, please I promise I'll wear them every day! I love them so much!” So began our practice of justification. Brands lure us in with bright colors, sleek designs and the latest technologies. We listen closely and pine openly, and in the end we gladly open our wallets. We at ShoeKicker aren't trying to persuade you on the most expensive shoe, because we know there are tons of great (less expensive) shoes out there. To prove our unbiased opinion, here are the top 10 most expensive running shoes for 2016. You've been warned! And I'm sorry sweetheart, some purchases just can't be justified.

  1. New Balance 2040, MSRP: $350

    “Real genuine leather smells so good!”
    Make it rainnnn! That skrilla, that moolah, that chedda! Throw it in the pile! In all honesty, you could spend your money in a much more productive way as far as running shoes goes. There are so many things that are simply un-justifiable about these shoes, whether on the streets, trails or track. Horween leather is no doubt quality handmade leather, but to runners that translates into a shoe easily ruined by the elements. In typical New Balance fashion, these shoes do provide top of the line support and cushioning. So, if you have some Benjamins gathering dust and don't mind tip toeing around mud and puddles on your runs, New Balance would love your generous donation.

    Find the best deal on the New Balance 2040, MSRP: $350

  2. Mizuno Wave Tenjin, MSRP: $250

    “White matches everything.”
    The Mizuno Wave Tenjin has everything the Wave Prophecy has… but is designed by Automonili Lamborghini. The Tenjin shoe is supposed to look like the Lamborghini Huracan supercar, and apparently feels like the Lambo too. We hope that the technology, performance and feel you get underfoot doesn't need as much maintenance as the supercar for flat tires. At this price, we hope the shoes have a private garage and are taken out for a joy ride every once and a while. Avoid puddles, rocks, and pot-holes.

    Find the best deal on the Mizuno Wave Tenjin, MSRP: $250

  3. Nike Flyknit Air Max, MSRP: $225.00

    “It's the perfect combination of the cool Flyknit on the top and sweet Air Max on the bottom! Ugh, yes!”
    You would think Nike would leverage their brand cache a bit more and top the list of pricy-ness – but hey, can't win em' all. So bravo Phil Knight, for not being #1! As your inner 14-year-old might have perceived, the Nike Flyknit Air Max is the melding of two successful styles into one – Flyknit technology and Air Max technology. The shoe has a light and flexible feel with a snug sock-like upper maintaining structure with the Flywire. You decide if that cash money is worth it.

    Find the best deal on the Nike Flyknit Air Max, MSRP: $225.00

  4. Mizuno Wave Prophecy, MSRP: $220

    “These are different… and I kinda like the holes!”
    You can spend $209 and then spend the next 209 hours picking rocks, mud and grass out of the underfoot holes! The upper is a soft pliable mesh that helps with comfort and breathability, while the wave plate on the bottom helps reduce shock every time you land. You'll look good while running with comfort in every step. The Mizuno Wave Prophesy takes away the shock under your foot and puts the shock in your next credit card statement!

    Find the best deal on the Mizuno Wave Prophecy, MSRP: $220

  5. Adidas Adizero Prime, MSRP: $200

    “Well the mesh is reflective, so I'll always be seen and safe when I'm running.”
    Swaggggg yo! Adidas blends their Originals line with their performance shoes and voila: the Adizero Prime. The upper mesh has a metallic reflective thread while keeping your foot comfy (and you visible). The boost foam runs throughout the midfoot and is layered with a tread to keep you running even through slippery terrain. Looks great, be safe. That'll be a sell!

    Find the best deal on the Adidas Adizero Prime, MSRP: $200

  6. Asics Gel-Kinsei, MSRP: $200

    “I want some bright shoes, but nothing too crazy. These are the perfect in-between!”
    Ding ding ding! We've hit the $200 mark! The Asics Gel-Kinsei brings a new seamless upper in their newest version. The heel box may seem chunky, but this shoe has a surprisingly lightweight and smooth ride, which is caused by the gel propulsion underfoot. You'll have to throw some dough at these, but the Asics Kinsei's promises serious durability and some serious fun runs.

    Find the best deal on the Asics Gel-Kinsei, MSRP: $200

  7. Adidas Ultra Boost, MSRP: $180

    “They're perfect because I can wear them running AND with day-to-day outfits!”
    As we move farther from the $100 mark and closer to the $200 milestone, you'll begin to feel the grasp of your wallet (or mom and dad's credit card) getting tighter. Fear not: Ultra Boosts bring more to the table than a trendy look. The Ultra Boost is designed for speed and lightness, while maintaining a midfoot spring and an excellent heel hug. It's a neutral shoe with a pleasing aesthetic design. Think of it like a Nike Free for those who want a little more cushion than a barefoot ride. You can un-clench your wallet now.

    Find the best deal on the Adidas Ultra Boost, MSRP: $180

  8. Newton Motion, MSRP: $175

    “They're unique, light, and bright!”
    When it comes to justifying shoe purchases, one must question the number of times you will wear the shoe, how many outfits you can wear them with, and if the shoe will actually accomplish the purpose you're buying them for. In this case, if you're looking for shoe that doesn't compromise speed or stability the Newton Motion has got you covered. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe do have a purpose – they propel you onto your toes each stride. There are a limited number of color schemes, but it you have flat feet or a medial side pronation, slippin' some bills over to Newton might just be worth it.

    Find the best deal on the Newton Motion, MSRP: $175

  9. Brooks Transcend, MSRP: $170

    “These Brooks are FIRE!... Pun intended.”
    Brooks claims the Transcend takes into consideration how the entire body moves. Tall task if you ask me. With those who pronate in mind, this shoe offers dynamic support with each step. It is Brooks' “most technically advanced running shoe”. For those with footums who need some extra care, $170 might be worth it. #justified

    Find the best deal on the Brooks Transcend, MSRP: $170

  10. Saucony Hurricane ISO, MSRP: $160

    “Mom! They're pink and my favorite color is pink!”
    The Saucony Hurricane ISO was designed for long runs in mind. The blend of comfort, fit, and stability isn't something hard to find, although Saucony claims the shoe has unmatched durability. Coming in hot at $160, the color scheme and added durability pitch might just persuade you to lay down the cash.

    Find the best deal on the Saucony Hurricane ISO, MSRP: $160